December 25, 2006

Christmas 2006

Merry Christmas from the Webb Family!
2006 has been a great year!
On October 19th, Samuel Hank arrived, and we all gave a big cheer!
We are staying busy…..every day is a blast
No wonder this year has gone by so fast 

MAX is in first grade, and is doing so well
He loves school, and thinks basketball,
baseball, soccer, and golf are swell
He loves to ride his bike, play, and have lots of FUN
He loves watching the Phoenix Suns, especially if they have WON!

LUKE is a big brother now, and is such a hoot!
He’s so friendly, sweet, and unbelievably cute
Luke is enjoying preschool, and being with Mom and Sam
It’s never a dull moment with Luke……he’s quite the HAM!

SAM is 2 months now, and is such a doll
He loves to cuddle, and doesn’t cry at all (ha ha!)
He‘s giving full body smiles…..especially when his
2 brothers are near
He’s our sweet baby, and we are so glad he’s here!

RICH is running a marathon on January 14, it’s true!
Anne will be there to cheer him on with the rest of her crew!
His job is going well…..his golf game continues to be great
The 2nd Webb Invitational should be another success –
February 17 is the date!

ANNE is doing great……never a dull day!
Three boys is a huge blessing in every single way!
She’s enjoying her friends, singing, and getting back to the gym
Maybe she’ll just join Rich in that marathon on a whim (ha ha!)

We wish you a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Anne, Rich, Max, Luke and Sam

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